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Why take the risk?

An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction. Here’s a good example from a BBC News report: “healthy obesity”. The report concerned a large study that suggested women who are overweight or obese, but otherwise healthy, faced an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. "Our large cohort study confirms that metabolically healthy obesity is not a harmless condition,” said the lead researcher, Professor Matthias Schulze.

Anxiety at work and out of work

Recent official UK figures show that more than 12,000,000 days of work are lost in a year because of work-related stress, depression or anxiety. This figure relates to a working population (aged 16-64) of about 32,000,000. The total UK population is about 66,000,000 – so that leaves about 34,000,000 who will never figure in these particular statistics because they do not have work to lose (or are too young or too old). Work, of course, is not the only cause of stress, depression or anxiety. You will have to be employed to suffer anything “work-related” but stress and anxiety will affect working and not-working people without discrimination – as any hypnotherapist knows.

A perennial week

20 May 2018: Today is the last day of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week – but that’s no excuse (not to stay switched on)!

Weight management is NOT rocket science

Managing your weight is “not rocket science”, according to Mellisa, an overweight woman who talked to BBC Woman’s Hour about “being fat”. After accepting that fewer calories in and more calories out was her essential first step, she identified the bar to success: “It means having to motivate myself and persevere. There are times when I feel that I can do that and times when I can't. I have to be honest, I can't be bothered.” Hypnotherapy could be the answer – and yes, it’s not rocket science: eat less, exercise more and motivate yourself to manage your weight by using hypnosis. The answer to shedding unwanted weight lies between the ears.

More can mean less!

“Obesity has become a tremendous burden on our society.…we are killing ourselves with obesity. It’s a very serious problem yet just telling people to eat less and to exercise more doesn’t work,” says Professor Sir Steve Bloom, head of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism at Imperial College, London. The Telegraph reports that Sir Steve hopes to create a weight-management therapy within five years that will be as effective as bariatric surgery but which could be administered as a small painless monthly hormone injection. Picking up on his remark that “just telling people to eat less and to exercise more doesn’t work” is a reminder that there has always been a helpful ingredient that could be added to the weight-management mix: hypnotherapy. Eat less, exercise more – and reinforce with hypnosis!

What’s in a name?

We have been asked why we call our web site “The Hypnotherapist” when there are two of us working here. The answer is that the majority of people telephoning us start their conversation with the words, “Is that the hypnotherapist?” A variation on that opening is: “Are you the hypnotherapist?” So, when deciding on a title for the web site, “The Hypnotherapist” presented itself as an apt choice that allows us to get straight to the point. However, we’ll give the same answer if someone should ask, “Are you a hypnotherapist?” Either way, we are the definite article!
We offer a scientific approach to hypnotherapy by basing our treatments on psychological research findings. With consulting rooms in Broadstairs, Kent, our hypnotherapy practice is well-placed to offer a personalised service to clients from across south-east England.